Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jan. 21st - Abilene

Its been a crazy week to say the least. I got transferred to Abilene. Its been an interesting few days!  We have alot of people here that they're working with so it should be good. I have been learning soo much about life in general an how much the gospel truly does bless families more than anything else. Any letters an such still just go to the mission home an then get forwarded to me so thank you. As for this week we have Zone Conference coming up an my new Companion is from Washington and is a great missionary. Prob wouldn't be my best friend back home per se but i can learn a lot from him. (I hope that doesn't sound rude) - lol .  Going from the shack in Kermit to here is a HUGE change. I have a big apartment again and a gym here that we use everyday. I have been coming to know my Saviour more an more being a missionary an that Christlike attributes are something that takes time to develop. I love you all an hope that we can all try to be more like him everyday. I will try to write more snail mail to everyone since we don't get a lot of time on the computer, but thanks for everything.
Elder Roberts

Monday, 13 January 2014

January 13th Pics

Our District.

Night Vision Goggles

January 13th, 2014

This week has been BUSY! like always, first im not getting transferred so i will be in Kermit again Training. Im not sure his  name though but will get it to ya next week. Its exciting though since its a big oppurtunity to set the example an learn from his as well. I cant wait. We also this week talked with Ed again an i will attach a photo of what he let us do at his house. Its pretty crazy the people you run into down here.  But the most exciting part is that we had our First Baptism down here this last weekend!! It was great, the family is amazing an her parents are converts as well. Its been really neat to see the change in her the last few weeks. We also did exchanges this last week with the District Leader who name is Elder Layne an his dad was stationed in Frankfurt the same time as my parents would have been there, He was in the Air Force but still pretty neat, not sure if you knew the parents?   Anyways its been a busy week with lots going on.. Its been warm the last few days as well an been biking everyday when we go finding. Its actually alot of fun talking to every type of person you see on the streets. I hope things are going well back home, things are good for me down here, i have been loving the work an starting to see the fruit of our labours :) how great the gospel is in our lives. I know this church is true, an how we can truly be examples to those around us. I love yall
Elder Roberts

Monday, 6 January 2014

Kermit , Wink Pictures

Tornado damage in Kermit (?)

Dusty Trails in Kermit

This is the high school track at Wink, TX (pop. 900) !

January 6, 2014

This week has been going soo fast! Tuesday night for our last lesson we set a Baptismal date for this saturday with our investigator,  she stays with her parents who are amazing people. They have 3 younger boys an such a loving familly. So we look forward to this weekend for sure. ITs been busy as always, then New Years Eve we were in by 6 so we played games for a bit an went to bed early to catch up on sleep. Its tiring everyday is just go go go.. But sundays a recharge you could say. I love the branch in Monahans that we attend. In the town Wink we cover we have been trying to get our teaching "pool" bigger so been knocking out there lots an ran into a Scientologist? Its was interesting for sure to see what he believes but we agreed to disagree an move on. lol But i went on exchanges this week to Pecos with Elder Heal  (hes from England an has a pretty sweet accent) lol While i was gone Elder Wolfley an Elder Layne played a prank on the Epleys an said that i got sent home. They were soo sad an thought it was for real, but before they left they told them i was only gone for the day. IT was funny, its hard since we find such solid families that make you feel like family to them. Transfer calls are this week so i find out what will happen by next email. I hope everyone is doing good, we are learning lots from each other down here in Kermit, Elder Wolfley an I are having fun teaching an riding our bikes lots. I finally got my flat fixed an been riding miles everyday as well as running in the morning or we've got some stuff in the shop that we lift, our own gym lol . ITs good though. I have been learning more that after the trial of our Faith we see the blessings. We have been able to find more people to teach now an learning alot as a companionship about being the best possible missionary we can be. I love the work an the people that we teach here. I am more appreciatave of the things i had an have when i see what little people here have an still try to give us everything. I hope that my letters don't just sound like were having lots of fun an doing things, i have learned that its almost impossible to be successful when were not thankful for what we have and stay optimistic. The Lord truly blesses us as we keep him in our lives in every aspect. I have been able to see how much the gospel truly blesses families when we do what we know is right. Obedience is key. I love being a missionary, its been a blessing to be a servant for the Lord an the "things" i sacrificed to come here did not bring the same happiness. I hope that everyone will look to the New Year with a fresh start an truly focus on the things our Heavenly Father has in store for us. I love you all.
Thanks for being Great Examples!
I will attach a few pictures of things this week. 
Much love from Texas,

Elder Roberts

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Living Quarters

Here is Elder Robert's Deluxe Missionary Accommodations in Kermit, TX  :)    The interior picture was shown in a previous post and looks a bit like a KOA cabin on the inside. This grainy picture came from google maps but showns the interesting location as well.