Monday, 30 September 2013

Sept. 30th

heres the generic, 
first off!  Texas does have alot of state pride lol but its been a great place so far. i have been having fun meeting all types of people. knocking doors has been an adventure for sure. Doors slammed, pitublls threaten to attack us lol all sorts of things. We are still in a trio and its been great, i was able to met a lady and her family that darren knew as well. shes less active still but we keep talking with her, still have a few more names from him to visit but its neat to see. We have been working out at a gym that we got a membership to with the apartment so thats nice. I hope that everybody back home is doing great! The weather is starting to cool down in the mornings but still pretty warm. we heard from Elder Walker in our zone conference and he is soo funny! it was neat to hear stories from him and how busy he is, does alot of work with President Monson.  There are days here when its hard to see people not listen but theres always somebody you talk to that makes it all go away and be a sweet day! i hope all the siblings are doing good. I am taking pictures its just we never know when we will be emailing, our p days are busier that normal days. lol i hope everyone is serving others around them an looking for service/ missionary work! its easy to bring the gospel up anywhere. Love you all an hope your doing great!
Elder Roberts

Also, in answer to a few questions we had - he replied:

We eat all our own meals, no members :( its kinda hard to get to know ppl when we never see them, tho). we will be in a threesome for a few more weeks till the one goes home. then a new companion will come in an my other one will be going home after I'm fully trained up so well see if i stay here in Amarillo or not. hopefully. Today we had to help a lady with a flat and our apartment doesn't have washer and dryer so it takes half the day just doing laundry at a different apartment but its suppose to change soon with that, which will be nice. We do our studies during that time while we wait. The weather is cooling off the morning but still pretty hot. Its nice though. i like it here. 

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