Monday, 28 October 2013

October 28th

It's been another crazy week, we had all the transfers happen tuesday and wedsneday so there was 8 missionaries at our place for the night, an had to get ready for 6 30 so we were up pretty early. With transfers means apartment checks so we spend a fair amount of time on the road listening to confrence talks, always nice. I read alot in the book of mormon that day to say the least lol. I am again in a trio with the zone leaders, Elder Droubay, and Elder Dunkle. Droubay from Utah an Dunkle from Blackfoot Idaho. Both solid an were now only spanish as our english area got taken over by new missionaries here so our ward has 8 missionaries total! its busy. 3 sisters, us as spanish and the two new for english. Its been hard cuz theyre on bikes and the area is far, so we have had to drive them around at first, didnt know anything about the area here. Things are better now, we had to split our area book with them an going through all the paper work we found an Elder Roberts from 2006. Small world - lol . He was with an Elder Gurney and Wouden??  I was given some scrap leather so who can guess what im doing with that?? New scripture case today! Hopefully can do it all or it will wait till next p day.  I wasnt able to send pictures home last week becuase we had to send Rigley off. ( done his mission) so we had to get his stuff done, i will print them today and send them off though. I hope you will enjoy them an dont mind the wait. I hope things are going good back home. Church this week was the Primary Presentation an id say its prob my favorite week of the year. They plainly testify of Truth! Its really amazing, an with everything still going on here we have been able to find a few new families who are looking really solid, loving the lessons an hopefully setting baptism dates this week with them. Im not sure what else to say, its been busy but i try and write down the big points of the week for you all! I miss you all, but wouldnt be near as happy there as I am right now with the decisions i have made to come here, its been amazing an i learn something everyday! always continue to learn! I love it. I Hope to hear from you all soon, much love
Elder Roberts

Monday, 21 October 2013

October 21st

Its been a Busy WEEK for sure, Tuesday we had Zone Training all morning which was really good an fun to role play with new missionaries an just have some fun, Elder Rigley went on transfers right after so Elder Reyes an i went knocking on Canadian Ave lol talked with a Presbyterian Pastor, interesting man to say the least lol but neat experience to see what he believes, Wednesday we had Reyes go on Transfers so Elder Rigley an I had Elder Miles from Utah come with us for a day, turns out his roots are from magrath lol didn't k now any of his cousins though but small world still. Thursday started off normal then at about 4 we got a call for an emergency transfer. So we went home an left by 5 30 for New Mexico met some other zone leaders an dropped him off for his last transfer out there somewhere. Then drove back, got home around 11 .  Elder Rigley an I are getting everything ready for the official transfers this week! Friday we had weekly planning so were in the apartment longer an its brought me an Rigley closer to end his mission off better. We have to drive to Lubbock today after this to pick up my new Trainers ( Elder Droubay, Dunkle) zone leaders, the drive back tomorrow an drop Elder Rigley off to go home. An tuesday night the transfer bus will be coming with all the other missionaries so we have to plan rides and places to stay for them am such... its alot but really nice to be trained by the zls so i can be part of it more. Work more. Saturday we had a Baptism which i performed in Spanish... soo nervous but was a really neat experience for both of us, shes in her 60s an takes care of her grandson whos 4 an the mom isn't around at all really so shes a busy lady, but solid in the gospel, called us to meet 3 weeks ago, has kept every commitment an loves going to church.  Sunday was her confirmation in spanish as well, then right after church as zone leaders have to do apartment checks we had to drive to Childress, ( 2 hrs). We busted some missionaries hanging out with other missionaries an its soo sad to see that they do not take the work as serious as they should! Im learning to really give it my all, i dont want to regret only doing half a job when im done.. an for the rest of my life. Today We have lots to do as well but its good to be busy, I will be printing off pictures today and sending them in the mail, seems the only way to work, the computers here dont seem to load them?? Iv tried mom but im sorry, so hopefully in 2 weeks youll get a few. Im glad to get the pictures from everyone, so, no, it doesn’t make me homesick really at all. i love you all but its amazing being here, the other day we were knocking a investigators house an no answer so we starting the street an i thought we need to knock the next street instead of the same one we were on, turns out a guy in his 50s was walking down that street after a bad day but his mother died when he was 7 an told him to always follow Jesus an he didnt really know how, but we talked in the street for like 40 mins an we’ll see where things go but a really cool experience, he’s a heavy duty mechanic an has a long pony tail with a huge beard! lol its was sweet. I hope everyone back home is doing good, i miss you all. But more importantly i know this church is TRUE! Always turn to your heavenly Father in prayer an look towards the future! I have  grown here soo much, i have been trying to excercise everyday an really just be happier, its paying off to say the least!
I love you all, stay strong in your callings an serve with all your efforts an you will be blessed,

Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October 15th

Justin with President and Sister Augustin
Today we received a nice letter from President and Sister Augustin along with this picture of the three of them. We also received a "real" letter in the mail from Justin. It is great to hear about the people he is meeting and the experiences he is having there in Texas. In yesterday's email correspondence he said a Hawaiian family was having them over for dinner that night. As it sounds like they prepare most of their own food, ( not fed by the members as much as here) I'm sure they were looking forward to wonderful Polynesian spread! That would be a great substitute for a (Canadaian)Thanksgiving feast, I'd say!  :)   :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th

 First off, It was a BUSY WEEK! from a baptism this last saturday,  a single mom who is really strong though, I was able to do the confirmation into the church which was a great experience for me as well! Her whole family at first didnt like us, she lives at home. But the family came to her baptism and now the mom has agreed to listen to us :) AWESOME.  We have another baptism this weekend with a lady in her 60s who takes care of her 4 yr grand son! a crazy kid but she is amazing! wiill help with the spanish ward for sure! Another guy we have been teaching came to church again ( in the wheechair) an hes starting to like it more. We got called to go give a blessing to a lady that was told she has a tumor an only 3 months to live but shes in her 80s an was the sweetest lady ever, she said she didnt believe them an wants to try for a year at least! She has a good friend in the church an her names been at the temple lately!  A #  of things from conference, that i thought was an intresting qoute is that to stay out of this world we need to focus on family , church, an temple work.!  always keep those in perspective. Another thing was that theres 2 things ppl are afraid about missionary work,    The fear of being rejected , and not knowing exactly what missionary work is. Open your mouths with everyone back home. an pray for the oppurtunities to talk to peopl!.   We tract almost everyday an you can tell almost right away when people have been prepared an are just waiting! I love my family, i got lettters this week sent from ll an max while in the states, which was a nice suprise, also i appreciate the conversion stories! I love to hear more of the background of my family ! I love you all and know that this church is true! I see the blessings already and try to really be better every day! I Hope to hear from you all soon, miss ya lots
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October 7th

Here is Justin's letter from this week:

Sorry theres lots of emails so its hard to talk to everyone seperately, This week has been great with general conference! It truly was amazing as a missionary to hear the words spoken, not sure if i have a favorite because they are all that great! I hope we can all take the words and apply them into our lives better, Im glad to hear soo much is going on back home and things are good. Its amazing to see that with in two months my room has already changed :P but its ok. Im glad the shed and garage are coming along, i met a older man this weekend that had 5 oldsmobiles in his garage and we just talked and was the raddest guy ever, he was willing to listen so well see how that goes but i loved the cars, really neat to be able to see the work he puts into them. Its hard to see how times goes soo quickly, its been a fast two months yet really long at the same time, i do have hard days where i get frustrated pretty easily with little things so im trying to be more humble, the spanish is hard because we still speak alot of english but slowly its coming. I went on two different exchanges with other missionaries and its soo much fun riding bikes, we get called some funny things but its all part of the experience. I would suggest that maybe more snail mail then emails as i can write back to those, i did send a few out this last week so im not sure when that we will get there but i will try to send more. I hope that every one can understand. Its been alot of fun though this last week and we are really trying to work hard. I love this church an try to always do whats right. I am still taking pictures but will have to maybe send them through the mail instead of on here?? who knows. I hope everyone is doing good! I love you all
Elder Roberts
P.S. Do missionary work within the wards, its amazing to see the times changing! it truly is hasting the work ..alot..