Monday, 31 March 2014

More pictures from Abilene

Elder Roberts on exchanges with Elder NeSmith
Abilene Apartment

Another unique Texas Sign
Yard where they taught the fellow outside - along with 60 chickens, ducks, geese, llamas & ponies !

March 31, 2014 "Hit 'n Run"

Lots has happened this week! We had exchanges on Tuesday so I went out to Snyder for a day with Elder NeSmith from Florida, that was a nice change of scenery an talking with other missionaries is always nice. Its been really busy this week though with things happening. Our jeep got hit while we were in a lesson an they didn't leave any info so we're dealing with that this weekend too. It happened Saturday so we're still doing paperwork with police an the mission office an such. While on exchanges I forgot my helmet so on bike day we walked all day as well as Saturday all day. It was pretty long days since its been getting warmer out. It was nice though, we had a guy stop in the middle of a road ( held up traffic) just to say that he appreciates what we do an that its nice to see younger guys doing whats right. It was nice to hear some positivety rather then negative from most people. We had a dinner with a member family whose son is on a mission right now an they are both retired from the air force! I loved meeting with them an getting to know them more, some neat conversion stories for sure and it helped me remember how the Lord works through others to answer our prayers. It seems like we never get direct answers on the spot but always get answers! This week being conference we should be able to go with questions in mind expecting answers. Im excited to listen to our Prophet an Leaders of the church this coming week! I hope everyone can take the time - You will be blessed. We have been working with some less actives this week an really getting them to open up with us an they have been starting to come around. Didnt come to church this week but have been reading more an starting to see things again. Sometimes that all they need is a phone call or just stopping in to say hi. I hope that everyone back home is doing good! It seems like time is going faster an faster. When we learn to serve others we can accomplish soo much more an forget about our worries. I love being a missionary an learning soo much about myself an what is required of us from our Heavenly Father. I hope that we all have a great week an try to help others around us come closer to our Saviour this week! 
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

Monday, 24 March 2014

March 24, 2014

We have been busier this week with finding an teaching! We had interviews with our President on Tuesday which was nice to talk face to face. We have been getting along better with the branch here as well. We have been working with a part member family an the wife gave a talk/ testimony this last sunday which was amazing! I had the chance to translate for the sacrement meeting as well. We still have the jeep, but we drive to the church an then go biking from there to find an go teach. Abilene has a rule where you cant proselyte after 7, but we still have to be out till 9 now so we walk the streets an just say hi to people but cant talk religion. Its like were walking bill boards. I will try to send some pictures this week of stuff going on here. Im soo glad to hear about the little boy an the recycling, thats soo neat. I couldnt have spend my b day doing anything else better...out talking to people in the streets about the restored gospel! What a blesssing it is to be a missionary. There were a few members who got mad at me on sunday since i didnt tell them about my birthday. lol But we do a potluck after our meetings with our branch so one of the familys made a cake. As well as my companion made one that we enjoyed for our companionship time. Things have been going good an i hope that everyone is doing good as well, I have learned the good comes with the bad but we learn soo much from our experiences! I am learning to love what i do, an serve others more then worrying about the little things. I appreciate all the birthday wishes, it was a great day. Different but still great. I miss yall back home but i know you are all safe. I know that the church is true! I love serving down here in texas an cant believe how fast time is going!
 Love from texas
Elder Roberts

Birthday Cake from Elder Oler

Monday, 17 March 2014

March 17, 2014

This week has been pretty long! its been alot of finding an biking! Thursday alone we biked over 20 miles! The efforts for the last few weeks of straight finding seem to be paying off though, we had a great lesson saturday night as well as sunday evening with an older catholic couple that say they dont agree completely with their church an feel theres more! We just gave them there answer an have a return this weekend, hopefully they will read an pray! its been neat to see the spirit work in peoples lives. I have been trying to just do whats right an be obedient, blessings come to those who have patience an show forth the hope. We have been busy with alot of just mission stuff. We had a zone training this last week, which was uplifting an exactly what i needed to hear. I have been loving the Abilene spanish branch. They are so small, yet strong an such a great family unit. They love the missionaries an are always willing to help when they can. I hope that everyone is doing good back home, i have been doing good an seems like times flying. As a missionary i look forward to conference coming up quick, it should be really exciting! its always a spiritual uplift! I hope that we can all plan to make all the sessions an do what we can to help an serve those around us! Keep smiling! much love from Texas Elder Roberts

Monday, 10 March 2014

March 10th, 2014

Serving in Abilene
Mmmm, mmmm ... nothing like some home-cooked SQUIRREL !

The pictures above are with his previous companion, Elder Yorgeson. He is still in Abilene, but now serving with Elder Oler, from Calgary. Below is today's brief letter :)

Nothing too much happened this week! we did a ton of finding! Thursday  we mapped it out an did over 12 miles! an pretty much have to find everyday since most of the people we have been trying to teach just cant keep commitments! :( Its hard, but this week we have been struggling to find more spanish to teach. When the weather is gross outside no body is outside or will listen at the door since its too cold that day. lol Its funny to me since its still nice for us canadian elders. But we have been learning patience lots an have been trying to be 100% obedient an the blessing will come! I have been having a good week an hope all is going well back home too. It seems like things are. I hope an pray for everyones safety.
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

Thursday, 6 March 2014

March 3, 2014

Things in Abilene have been slow but still working hard. ITs been fun serving with a fellow canuck! We just get each others jokes an have fun. We have been doing alot of finding but we see that all people have agency, its the hardest thing as a missionary to allow them to choose, we have to allow them to see the difference which is hard since there is soo many different churches here everybody just says " Its all the same an working towards the same goal" but they just don't hear you out. Elder Oler has been out one more transfer than me so were learning spanish together. But its going good. We had Stake Conference this week which was really good, enjoy hearing from the leaders. I look forward to General Conference now more then ever. I actually did something this week which was a once in a life time thing. And it was CRAZY! I ate a GHOST PEPPER!! the second hottest pepper in the world. An it was HOT. lol Nothing else too crazy this week, been trying to work hard an keep focused. I love my family an friends, i hope that everyone is doing well.. Elder Roberts