Monday, 17 March 2014

March 17, 2014

This week has been pretty long! its been alot of finding an biking! Thursday alone we biked over 20 miles! The efforts for the last few weeks of straight finding seem to be paying off though, we had a great lesson saturday night as well as sunday evening with an older catholic couple that say they dont agree completely with their church an feel theres more! We just gave them there answer an have a return this weekend, hopefully they will read an pray! its been neat to see the spirit work in peoples lives. I have been trying to just do whats right an be obedient, blessings come to those who have patience an show forth the hope. We have been busy with alot of just mission stuff. We had a zone training this last week, which was uplifting an exactly what i needed to hear. I have been loving the Abilene spanish branch. They are so small, yet strong an such a great family unit. They love the missionaries an are always willing to help when they can. I hope that everyone is doing good back home, i have been doing good an seems like times flying. As a missionary i look forward to conference coming up quick, it should be really exciting! its always a spiritual uplift! I hope that we can all plan to make all the sessions an do what we can to help an serve those around us! Keep smiling! much love from Texas Elder Roberts

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