Monday, 21 April 2014

April 21, 2014

What a great Weekend it was an this week to remember the reason for Easter. I got a package from Jack Nagia, ( I worked with before i left)  an its truly a great time to share our love for others an our Saviour. I have been blessed to see a couple get married an the husband was baptized this weekend an he was ordained to a Priest this sunday as well. We had a great priesthood lesson about Joseph Smith an tied in the atonement - how he truly stood for what he believed and how in the world today that's what we need to do. I have been doing more less active work in the ward here, it seems to be a big thing now around here at least an have been getting them to church. It is a great way to re activate. I have been tired these last few weeks an truly working hard. I have been learning soo much as a missionary an how the little things make all the difference. I hope that everyone back home can have a great week an truly remember Christ more in our lives. There is an amazing video that all should watch. I know that the church is true. 
Much love from down here
Elder Roberts

Found Roberts Street while out biking in their area in Amarillo

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Farewell Abilene, back to Amarillo

Back in Abilene with Oler (from Calgary)

April 14, 2014

> Well im back in Amarillo now an its been intresting. Our area is huge! Our wards over lap with the Spanish group so I got to see alot of the people I knew from back then. My companion right now is Tanner Orton from Oregon an we get along really good, its been fun. We are still trying to get to know the people the other missionaries were working with but thats okay. It's only been the first week so it takes time. But we are staying busy. The crazy thing is Amarillo just got snow last night! Its wierd weather down here. So Elder Orton served here as well a year ago in the same ward so we have been able to meet up with some recent converts an one lady gave me a new suit the first time we met. She's a sweet older lady. We are trying to work with her sister now an get her baptized as well before Orton goes home. This week should be really good, we have lots of things coming up an trying to stay busy always helps makes the days go quicker. Not too much other news or anything crazy lately. I hope that everyone is doing good back home. I miss y'all alot The pictures are from Abilene with Oler . > Thanks for everything y'all do for me. > Elder Roberts

Monday, 7 April 2014

April 7, 2014

 I'm getting transferred to an English area which will be a nice change, i have been struggling with Spanish but still study lots. Its been a crazy week though! Conference was amazing as always. We have been soo blessed to hear from our Prophet an Apostles. We have been uplifted alot. The announcment of soo many temples in the near future. You have to wonder what it will be like in ten years! I have been loving the mission an learning lots about myself as well as what is required of us when it's not always what we want. I hope that everyone has had a chance to reflect this weekend an see what we need to do in our life to always be improving. I know that we truly are hastening the work in the world an that things like miracles don't cease if we have the faith! I love being a missionary, we have been working hard an trying to really lose ourselves in the work here. This transfer we are going to be doing interviews again as well as temple trip! so thats exciting for the near future for us.  I hope that everyone back home is doing great an staying true to our beliefs even when we feel we need to stand alone. The gospel is true! Be proud of what we represent!
Much love from texas
Elder Roberts