Monday, 7 April 2014

April 7, 2014

 I'm getting transferred to an English area which will be a nice change, i have been struggling with Spanish but still study lots. Its been a crazy week though! Conference was amazing as always. We have been soo blessed to hear from our Prophet an Apostles. We have been uplifted alot. The announcment of soo many temples in the near future. You have to wonder what it will be like in ten years! I have been loving the mission an learning lots about myself as well as what is required of us when it's not always what we want. I hope that everyone has had a chance to reflect this weekend an see what we need to do in our life to always be improving. I know that we truly are hastening the work in the world an that things like miracles don't cease if we have the faith! I love being a missionary, we have been working hard an trying to really lose ourselves in the work here. This transfer we are going to be doing interviews again as well as temple trip! so thats exciting for the near future for us.  I hope that everyone back home is doing great an staying true to our beliefs even when we feel we need to stand alone. The gospel is true! Be proud of what we represent!
Much love from texas
Elder Roberts

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