Monday, 21 April 2014

April 21, 2014

What a great Weekend it was an this week to remember the reason for Easter. I got a package from Jack Nagia, ( I worked with before i left)  an its truly a great time to share our love for others an our Saviour. I have been blessed to see a couple get married an the husband was baptized this weekend an he was ordained to a Priest this sunday as well. We had a great priesthood lesson about Joseph Smith an tied in the atonement - how he truly stood for what he believed and how in the world today that's what we need to do. I have been doing more less active work in the ward here, it seems to be a big thing now around here at least an have been getting them to church. It is a great way to re activate. I have been tired these last few weeks an truly working hard. I have been learning soo much as a missionary an how the little things make all the difference. I hope that everyone back home can have a great week an truly remember Christ more in our lives. There is an amazing video that all should watch. I know that the church is true. 
Much love from down here
Elder Roberts

Found Roberts Street while out biking in their area in Amarillo

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