Thursday, 17 April 2014

April 14, 2014

> Well im back in Amarillo now an its been intresting. Our area is huge! Our wards over lap with the Spanish group so I got to see alot of the people I knew from back then. My companion right now is Tanner Orton from Oregon an we get along really good, its been fun. We are still trying to get to know the people the other missionaries were working with but thats okay. It's only been the first week so it takes time. But we are staying busy. The crazy thing is Amarillo just got snow last night! Its wierd weather down here. So Elder Orton served here as well a year ago in the same ward so we have been able to meet up with some recent converts an one lady gave me a new suit the first time we met. She's a sweet older lady. We are trying to work with her sister now an get her baptized as well before Orton goes home. This week should be really good, we have lots of things coming up an trying to stay busy always helps makes the days go quicker. Not too much other news or anything crazy lately. I hope that everyone is doing good back home. I miss y'all alot The pictures are from Abilene with Oler . > Thanks for everything y'all do for me. > Elder Roberts

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