Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dec 30th Pics

Crazy back alley roads (in town)

Oil Country!
This is the smiley face we got to see on Skype on Christmas Day! :)

December 30th, 2013

Here’s a quote to start off the week,  “No one can choose your mountain or tell you when to climb, It’s yours alone to challenge at your own pace an time.” - unknown    I just thought about how I came out a little later an how this applied in my life an how everyone has different challenges to face in life.. But anyways… this week I talked on the phone with ya’ll an things are great!  I didn’t know really what to write today till I met Roy Dempsey, he’s maybe 60 an retired living in a little shack like us but was a mechanic, body man, did construction, all sorts of stuff but he drives a 50s dodge (originally his fathers) an now its lifted on 37 inch tires. lol He’s a sweet guy, has a nice garage next to his house an just restores cars here for people. But a few others things we did, a couple in the Monahans branch that we go to… the Darlings, they’re 70s maybe, he used to teach science, he gave us some pretty neat rocks an things, ill prob send home since we can’t haul everything around with us.  As for any crazy animals here, we have a less active family that keeps everything! they have a duck, horn toad, fish outside in a little tub thing, we see some lizards in there yard an in the shed we saw a pretty big Black widow. But alot of coyotes around at night when were driving back an forth to Monahans. We have a older spanish lady thats less active but loves cooking tomales for us! an they’re hot... Shes pretty fun though, her grandson lives with her an he has 2 daugthers an his gf doesn’t work but we started teaching him.. Not sure how interested he is but we’ll keep trying to work with him.  Our branch had a great 3rd hr  since its together on the the 5th Sunday - about untiy together an what needs to change to have better start to the year. It was pretty neat an how it applies as missionaries with companions an such.. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I sure did. Best of luck in the new year
Elder Roberts

Monday, 23 December 2013

December 23, 2013

 ITs been a busy week as always which makes the time FLY! We cover a little town called Wink about 8 miles away so we started going out there once a week to find more people an build our teaching pool. A few potentials out there for next week to visit.  We had a busy day of knocking Wednesday this week an always trying to stay busy here with finding an teaching. Its hard when people work lots but its a work in art for sure. We had our Christmas Party on thursday where i got the packages from everyone, yet havent opened them till the day of like i promised! hard not to though but i want to save the suprise still.. Last week we had the primary presentation an since having soo many neices an nephews  kids hold a special place in my heart so it made me melt last week, an then this week was the Christmas Program an some amazing singers in the branch that are hidden talent! not sure who all knows but before i left i went to a play with a friend Kevin i worked for an found I really enjoy music an singing/ theater. So this sunday was yet another amazing day, then priesthood never dissapoints. We have alot of young families here an the men are amazing. I love the classes with them, always a great learning experience for me. At our Christmas party we had lunch all together an did a skit with groups of misisonaries, but the afternoon was President Augustin  in a devotional about Deity, an how the people in the wards/ Church arent usuallly showing the respect or giving it thought as much as they should. It wasnt a " throwdown" but just helped us really think about our calling especially at this time of year, Yes its hard being away from home but its also amazing to see as i serve others the joy is still there an i know all is well with you all! I can tell things are ment to be for a reason with timing an everything, we teach a lady named Robin, her husband is in the military an she has a little baby but at first her parents joined the church, ( she lives with them) yet the sisters kind of pressured her an so she stopped talking with them an going to church, but we have been able to met with her this last week, an gained her trust to discuss the gospel again. Hopefully this week it will go well again. I will include a picture of the landscape that is everywhere that isnt in town... Either brush or pump jacks.. But that's about all we see.. lol I will also include a picture with Elder Porter who i came out with from the MTC ( nice to see him at the Christmas Party). Another is more christmas lights then any other house here... stands out alot!   It rained alot this last friday but luckly we had planning so we weren't outside as long, so didn't get tooo soaked.. I am having a great time in the little town of Kermit. I look forward to hearing from you all. I miss you all lots but stay strong when we see the bigger picture. 
Much love
Elder ROberts
Christmas Lights in Kermit

Oil Country

Texas Landscape

Homemade leather scripture case

With Elder Porter (came to TX from MTC same time as Justin) at the Christmas Party

Monday, 16 December 2013

More Pics from Kermit

You never know what you might find in a mailbox.
Elder Roberts and Elder Wolfsley now ride Texas -style!(kidding)

Pesky Texas size insects.

December 16, 2013

Its been a really busy week but every week is. We met two young guys
living together this week, one 17 an one 18. The 18 yr old moved from Idaho for
work 6 months ago an his grandma is a member but doesnt know
much about the church an the other was kicked out of the house at 13
an has had a hard life but really good questions. Its hard to meet
with them since they both work lots but pretty amazing young guys. We
Also met a man this week that was in the Marines for a while an just
shares stories so its hard to teach but hes funny. We try to met with
him when we can since he drives truck but still wants to learn more.
Its been quite the week with the people here though, On wednesday we
knocked for 5 hours an only talked with 6 people :( an few others that
just slam the door, so I'm literally walking the shoes off my feet. I
will be going to a Christmas party this week in Midland so i will be
able to go shopping quick to get another pair. Theres little "goatheads" -
is what they call them but they stick in you shoes an pants
an they tear up the tread pretty good but its been fun walking, had a
few crazy moments with dogs too. Lots of them just run around here,
mostly all nice but some that i would never want to see again an yet
we run into them in alleys lol.  As me and elder Wolfley were talking
turns out we both have the same birthday!! So hopefully were together
still, few transfers away but its possible! We'll see, but we were able
to do some service this Saturday an be around some less actives that
struggle to pay tithing :( Its hard to see because they don't
understand that things will only work out more if they pay it. But we
continue to work with them We did yard work with them since nobody
here really has a " yard" like back home.. Mostly dirt with branches
an tumbleweeds everywhere. But it was a nice change to put normal
clothes on.. I will attach a few pictures, hopefully they worked last
week? But mostly the rides we see people with ,and the progress of my
leather case so far, and then a cricket, and a knife that we saw at
somebodies door!   I hope that all is well
back home, I have been enjoying the  " winter" here with the sun,
suppose to be 70 this week lol but i Hope all is well, i look forward
to talking at Christmas, but lets truly all help
others at this time of the year an find ways to do service!
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

Monday, 9 December 2013

KERMIT, TEXAS (who knew there was such a place?)

Justin's little 15x18  missionary "cabin"

They must have their lamps filled and ready there (?)

Redneck butcher shop !?

December 9th , 2013

First off , im in Kermit Texas, Google earth it ... lol . Its about 5000 people and all oilfield people. But its been great here, We are the second set of missionaries here, Elder Wolfley opened the area with his trainer an has been here since, so we are really trying to just get the teaching " pool" bigger and do alot of door knocking to find people. Its been great though. On Thursday, it was freezing here, this whole week has been, but president called us just to say hi an that he was proud of us. It was really nice to get an up lifting call from him at that time. We have small branch in Monahan ( 20 miles away) so we go out there for church an correlation. We live in a little shack, no joke . As missionaries there is no room for contention,  Its a 18 ft by 15 ft shack that has bunkbeds an a little kitchen an bath, no doors except the main one..  It's really fun tho, Elder Wolfley went to the Mexico MTC but we came out together so were learning from each other soo much an really having fun. Lots of loose dogs running around here so its an adventure, an alot of redneck people, see the picture lol . The town doesn't have a Walmart or anywhere to print pictures soo well see this week. But on a Spiritual note, the Christmas Devotional was amazing, an i really enjoyed Russell M Nelsons part with the little kids when they were singing, i would love to be in his shoes there. The branch here is small but have alot of kids an its the Primary Presentation this week so i cant wait for that, We are also doing a chili cook off for a Branch Get together. People here know how to cook though, we had dinner with a family here for a birthday of a less active an had some amazing steak! If any one has questions let me know, its hard to know just  what to write all the time, but i hope that at this time we all remember the true reason for the season an how blessed we are with this gospel in our lives.
I Love you all
Elder Roberts

Monday, 2 December 2013

December 2, 2013

This week has been busy as always!  We had our district meeting on tuesday, then right afterwards had to rip down to Lubbock to get stuff for another apartment up here. The last week of transfers are when we do apartment checks so we did those all day Wednesday, lots of miles on the road so i just read. I bought a mini militiary book of mormon so i can take it with me everywhere. On thanksgiving we can't proselyte so  we played basketball all day an then had dinner with the bishops family here! amazing family, they have a son on a mission in Argentina so they love helping the missionaries here as much as possible. Their house flooded while they were on vacation so they have been living in a hotel for the last 4 months while fixing their house,  an out of it we have been teaching some people that he talked with while at the hotel, an amazing lesson learned for them, an see how things have worked out. Funny thing with the dinner, they had an extra glass where we could put as many m n m's in ( obviously all the missionaries fill it right up)  but after the dinner we had to take each one an say something we were grateful for. We had lots of m an ms so it was really good to contemplate what I'm gratetful for. It's been extremely hard being out here some days but it all works out.  Yes i will be getting transferred this week to Kermit ?  Its close to Midland but not sure my companion yet so i will just let you know next week with more info about him. I'm sure i need to be there an will learn the things i need to for this transfer. AS far as i know tho its just one companion. I'm pretty sure we can do skype for Christmas, not sure how we setup the time or what yet but i will let you know for sure when i find out. I hope it all works out, if not phone call is just fine too. This week has been kinda hard because the only time i find myself truly happy is when we're teaching. When we are babysitting/ getting all the other stuff done its hard to just stay focused on the work. I have really tried to love our investigators an my companions. Their immaturity shows when we're at home or whenever outside of lessons but im learning. I hope everyone is doing great, I miss you all
Much Love
ELder ROberts

Monday, 25 November 2013

November 25, 2013

This week has been full of ups an downs for sure! We have been focusing on finding more and I've been getting flats all week while on the bike, but people drive by all the time an yell stuff at us, its not always the best thing to hear. But on a good note we have been able to meet up with an older investigator that  we hadn't been meeting with. she decided that the only way to feel the spirit was to read so shes read to mosiah 25!! it was a really neat experience to meet with her again, -- the sweetest lady ever. WE also had another investigator come to church as well as another brother who has a baptism date, its neat to see the excitement grow within there family. We have still been meeting with O&O. They are the funniest couple, first they want  to get married an then this week he broke down an was drinking an shes wanting him out of the house again, its soo hard to teach an we just keep trying to get them to pray so that they can figure it our for themselves. Its a wierd situation, hes illegally here so they cant get married as easy but hard to keep teaching when they cant make up there mind. We had a ward dinner this week which was nice, but before we were stopping by people to invite them to it, We have been trying to meet with a family that is less active an they have 3 daugthers, 12 9 an 3. The most amazing little girls ever, but the mom was on the couch on her phone, an the 12 year old wants to be baptized but her mom looked at us an said shes sick so the daughter just looked at us soo devestated! her parents are holding her back. IT was heartbreaking to see her so sad. I couldn't stop thinking about it all night.  I have been really trying to just rely on my Heavenly Father more then ever while out here. 
Days are gettting colder with snow this week, church was just sacrament then we had to stay in for the rest of the day :( so we had our studies an then read lots an played games together. One scripture i have been thinking alot about is  alma 5:6  how we can all be thankful for our grandparents or parents an how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives because of them! its a time of thanksgiving down here an this week we have a dinner with the bishop. Should be a good day.
I find out this saturday where i get transferred since im done training now! so next week i will let you know. Much love
ELder Roberts

Monday, 18 November 2013

November 18, 2013

Its been an amazing week! We Have been busy with District meetings an traveling around to do those but the best part was Thursday morning we got to attend the Lubbock Temple. It was an amazing experience like always. It really helped with the last few weeks, we seem to visit alot of less actives, but dont always see "success" but we dont look at it that way. We mostly eat with the less actives rather then any members. Not many members since its stricly spanish but its slowly growing. This last week we had our investigators come to church again an have been talking to them about getting married,  He orignially was drinking 4 to 5 times a day! An she hated it an was wanted to kick him out an now after 2 weeks of meeting with them hes quit drinking an they dont fight anymore an they both know how its all happening. Truly a blessing!! ITs been amazing just to see them change. They are our most progressing right now, the spanish culture is hard here, they are all about family which is good, but they dont go to church . Tons of parties or wedding or whatever that we cant always get ahold of them. We tried visiting some investigators an a cousin answered an thought we were with immigration or police an kinda freaked him out. IT was funny. We decided to go ridiing bikes more this week an on saturday we went for two hours an the windiest day yet here in texas for me at least! it was crazy though, we went to a new area ( our area is the whole town) an it was straight asia town. We didnt talk spanish once lol so it was kinda hard but trying to find the spanish you can usually tell by the car or the fancy gates in the yard. Its pretty fun on bikes. I was able to talk with one of Darren's old investigators on the phone, . She was soo happy to hear from me, i havent met her yet but i am mostly likely getting transferred in 2 weeks so i am hoping to met her before then. I will be done training in two weeks.! crazy how fast time goes. I hope everyone is doing good back home, seems like alot of happening.Thanks for everything you all do.

Thanks again  Much Love
Elder Roberts

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pictures !!

Elder Roberts & Elder Collins - Provo MTC Companions
With Elder  Bridge ( from Raymond) at the MTC
"Right at Home"
These pictures will look familiar to Darren ( he used to send us some of these interesting signs around town, too)
On the back of this one he wrote " THE TRUTH"    -- Thanks Justin! :)
The famous Cadillac Ranch ( these pics are like deja vu from Darren's mission as well)
Right up Justin's alley !

November 11th, 2013

This week has been busy as always but really fun! finally went to a real Spanish fiesta. It was for one of our investigators daughters who is 3, but there was around 150 people with music an LOTs of food! They know how to have fun, it was sweet to just practise Spanish an talk with all sorts of people there about the church an why we were there. lol  We also had dinner with the Medinas this Sunday an they had some people over from mexico that hes helping translate for them, ( his job)  We were able to teach them after dinner about families an have a return appointment. The spirit was really strong there . Such an amazing time meeting them an talking. It's been a busy week with our investigators, since we are the only Spanish missionaries now, and have new english elders, they give us referrals alot so we have been able to visit alot more people. The biggest thing is even when they know its the true church, sometimes they don't come to church as much or follow the commandments an just go in active, so we visit alot of less actives but they just work lots on sunday an dont want to change. Its soo sad to see. We have been having fun as a trio but it can also be difficult, i am tryin to really just be obedient even if other missionaries aren't all the time. Its an interesting experience being out here but i know more an more about what i want with my life an how to get it. I have really started to see my self worth again. It had been lost for quite some time when i wasn't doing the things i know i needed to. I love this gospel an hope that everyone back home is doing their best to fufill their callings. We don't always know what the plan is of our Father, but we as we submit to his will we learn an grow closer to him than ever before.
I love you all
Elder Robert

Monday, 4 November 2013

November 4, 2013

This week has been busy as always. WE have been focusing on less actives more this week but as it was Halloween we had to be in at 6 so we all went to the gym an played basketball. I have been working on a new scripture case, so i did that instead.  Tomas was baptized :) I helped with that as well as the confirmation. Probably one of the most humble men i have met so far out here! I am honored to help him learn more of the gospel. I have been really focusing on reading the book of mormon, i finished it again an started to read it again an focus on different things each time i read it, we as missionaries can get the mililtary size book so i have it with me always. Constantly learning new things. The zone leaders had training so i went with a set of missionaries that are a bike area because i knew they worked hard, we rode out to a area 10 miles out ( 1 hr) ride an went knocking an such out there ( Bushland is the name of the area)  IT was a really good day, i wasnt even that tired because we were so positive about it. They ride it once a week too. Hopefully this week i might be going with them again. With my new companions ( Elder Droubay from Tooele Utah and Elder Dunkle from Blackfoot Idaho) we have been focusing on really getting the spanish people motivated an having a whole new look on the work. We talk with literally everyone an we are seeing the work progress. Some new families being taught an really prepared. The work with never stop. It's not our will but as we give it our all we see the Lords hand in our work everyday! We had dinner with the Medinas yesterday an he has a photo album of every missionary that comes over an takes a picture of there shoes with the name tag. Guess whos name we found! Elder Roberts lol it was pretty neat, he also sent them a little note for christmas that they kept. Its soo neat to talk with them. They were both catholics an big in this area cuz they owned a radio station but when they were taught the lessons an converted alot of people didnt like them. But very humble people, gave us a referral, a person from mexico that just moved here an has lots of potential. I hope nobody worries about me here, as i forget about myself i really am starting to love the work more an more an grow closer to my Saviour. I hope that everything it going well back home.
Much Love
Elder Roberts

Monday, 28 October 2013

October 28th

It's been another crazy week, we had all the transfers happen tuesday and wedsneday so there was 8 missionaries at our place for the night, an had to get ready for 6 30 so we were up pretty early. With transfers means apartment checks so we spend a fair amount of time on the road listening to confrence talks, always nice. I read alot in the book of mormon that day to say the least lol. I am again in a trio with the zone leaders, Elder Droubay, and Elder Dunkle. Droubay from Utah an Dunkle from Blackfoot Idaho. Both solid an were now only spanish as our english area got taken over by new missionaries here so our ward has 8 missionaries total! its busy. 3 sisters, us as spanish and the two new for english. Its been hard cuz theyre on bikes and the area is far, so we have had to drive them around at first, didnt know anything about the area here. Things are better now, we had to split our area book with them an going through all the paper work we found an Elder Roberts from 2006. Small world - lol . He was with an Elder Gurney and Wouden??  I was given some scrap leather so who can guess what im doing with that?? New scripture case today! Hopefully can do it all or it will wait till next p day.  I wasnt able to send pictures home last week becuase we had to send Rigley off. ( done his mission) so we had to get his stuff done, i will print them today and send them off though. I hope you will enjoy them an dont mind the wait. I hope things are going good back home. Church this week was the Primary Presentation an id say its prob my favorite week of the year. They plainly testify of Truth! Its really amazing, an with everything still going on here we have been able to find a few new families who are looking really solid, loving the lessons an hopefully setting baptism dates this week with them. Im not sure what else to say, its been busy but i try and write down the big points of the week for you all! I miss you all, but wouldnt be near as happy there as I am right now with the decisions i have made to come here, its been amazing an i learn something everyday! always continue to learn! I love it. I Hope to hear from you all soon, much love
Elder Roberts

Monday, 21 October 2013

October 21st

Its been a Busy WEEK for sure, Tuesday we had Zone Training all morning which was really good an fun to role play with new missionaries an just have some fun, Elder Rigley went on transfers right after so Elder Reyes an i went knocking on Canadian Ave lol talked with a Presbyterian Pastor, interesting man to say the least lol but neat experience to see what he believes, Wednesday we had Reyes go on Transfers so Elder Rigley an I had Elder Miles from Utah come with us for a day, turns out his roots are from magrath lol didn't k now any of his cousins though but small world still. Thursday started off normal then at about 4 we got a call for an emergency transfer. So we went home an left by 5 30 for New Mexico met some other zone leaders an dropped him off for his last transfer out there somewhere. Then drove back, got home around 11 .  Elder Rigley an I are getting everything ready for the official transfers this week! Friday we had weekly planning so were in the apartment longer an its brought me an Rigley closer to end his mission off better. We have to drive to Lubbock today after this to pick up my new Trainers ( Elder Droubay, Dunkle) zone leaders, the drive back tomorrow an drop Elder Rigley off to go home. An tuesday night the transfer bus will be coming with all the other missionaries so we have to plan rides and places to stay for them am such... its alot but really nice to be trained by the zls so i can be part of it more. Work more. Saturday we had a Baptism which i performed in Spanish... soo nervous but was a really neat experience for both of us, shes in her 60s an takes care of her grandson whos 4 an the mom isn't around at all really so shes a busy lady, but solid in the gospel, called us to meet 3 weeks ago, has kept every commitment an loves going to church.  Sunday was her confirmation in spanish as well, then right after church as zone leaders have to do apartment checks we had to drive to Childress, ( 2 hrs). We busted some missionaries hanging out with other missionaries an its soo sad to see that they do not take the work as serious as they should! Im learning to really give it my all, i dont want to regret only doing half a job when im done.. an for the rest of my life. Today We have lots to do as well but its good to be busy, I will be printing off pictures today and sending them in the mail, seems the only way to work, the computers here dont seem to load them?? Iv tried mom but im sorry, so hopefully in 2 weeks youll get a few. Im glad to get the pictures from everyone, so, no, it doesn’t make me homesick really at all. i love you all but its amazing being here, the other day we were knocking a investigators house an no answer so we starting the street an i thought we need to knock the next street instead of the same one we were on, turns out a guy in his 50s was walking down that street after a bad day but his mother died when he was 7 an told him to always follow Jesus an he didnt really know how, but we talked in the street for like 40 mins an we’ll see where things go but a really cool experience, he’s a heavy duty mechanic an has a long pony tail with a huge beard! lol its was sweet. I hope everyone back home is doing good, i miss you all. But more importantly i know this church is TRUE! Always turn to your heavenly Father in prayer an look towards the future! I have  grown here soo much, i have been trying to excercise everyday an really just be happier, its paying off to say the least!
I love you all, stay strong in your callings an serve with all your efforts an you will be blessed,

Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October 15th

Justin with President and Sister Augustin
Today we received a nice letter from President and Sister Augustin along with this picture of the three of them. We also received a "real" letter in the mail from Justin. It is great to hear about the people he is meeting and the experiences he is having there in Texas. In yesterday's email correspondence he said a Hawaiian family was having them over for dinner that night. As it sounds like they prepare most of their own food, ( not fed by the members as much as here) I'm sure they were looking forward to wonderful Polynesian spread! That would be a great substitute for a (Canadaian)Thanksgiving feast, I'd say!  :)   :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th

 First off, It was a BUSY WEEK! from a baptism this last saturday,  a single mom who is really strong though, I was able to do the confirmation into the church which was a great experience for me as well! Her whole family at first didnt like us, she lives at home. But the family came to her baptism and now the mom has agreed to listen to us :) AWESOME.  We have another baptism this weekend with a lady in her 60s who takes care of her 4 yr grand son! a crazy kid but she is amazing! wiill help with the spanish ward for sure! Another guy we have been teaching came to church again ( in the wheechair) an hes starting to like it more. We got called to go give a blessing to a lady that was told she has a tumor an only 3 months to live but shes in her 80s an was the sweetest lady ever, she said she didnt believe them an wants to try for a year at least! She has a good friend in the church an her names been at the temple lately!  A #  of things from conference, that i thought was an intresting qoute is that to stay out of this world we need to focus on family , church, an temple work.!  always keep those in perspective. Another thing was that theres 2 things ppl are afraid about missionary work,    The fear of being rejected , and not knowing exactly what missionary work is. Open your mouths with everyone back home. an pray for the oppurtunities to talk to peopl!.   We tract almost everyday an you can tell almost right away when people have been prepared an are just waiting! I love my family, i got lettters this week sent from ll an max while in the states, which was a nice suprise, also i appreciate the conversion stories! I love to hear more of the background of my family ! I love you all and know that this church is true! I see the blessings already and try to really be better every day! I Hope to hear from you all soon, miss ya lots
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October 7th

Here is Justin's letter from this week:

Sorry theres lots of emails so its hard to talk to everyone seperately, This week has been great with general conference! It truly was amazing as a missionary to hear the words spoken, not sure if i have a favorite because they are all that great! I hope we can all take the words and apply them into our lives better, Im glad to hear soo much is going on back home and things are good. Its amazing to see that with in two months my room has already changed :P but its ok. Im glad the shed and garage are coming along, i met a older man this weekend that had 5 oldsmobiles in his garage and we just talked and was the raddest guy ever, he was willing to listen so well see how that goes but i loved the cars, really neat to be able to see the work he puts into them. Its hard to see how times goes soo quickly, its been a fast two months yet really long at the same time, i do have hard days where i get frustrated pretty easily with little things so im trying to be more humble, the spanish is hard because we still speak alot of english but slowly its coming. I went on two different exchanges with other missionaries and its soo much fun riding bikes, we get called some funny things but its all part of the experience. I would suggest that maybe more snail mail then emails as i can write back to those, i did send a few out this last week so im not sure when that we will get there but i will try to send more. I hope that every one can understand. Its been alot of fun though this last week and we are really trying to work hard. I love this church an try to always do whats right. I am still taking pictures but will have to maybe send them through the mail instead of on here?? who knows. I hope everyone is doing good! I love you all
Elder Roberts
P.S. Do missionary work within the wards, its amazing to see the times changing! it truly is hasting the work ..alot..

Monday, 30 September 2013

Sept. 30th

heres the generic, 
first off!  Texas does have alot of state pride lol but its been a great place so far. i have been having fun meeting all types of people. knocking doors has been an adventure for sure. Doors slammed, pitublls threaten to attack us lol all sorts of things. We are still in a trio and its been great, i was able to met a lady and her family that darren knew as well. shes less active still but we keep talking with her, still have a few more names from him to visit but its neat to see. We have been working out at a gym that we got a membership to with the apartment so thats nice. I hope that everybody back home is doing great! The weather is starting to cool down in the mornings but still pretty warm. we heard from Elder Walker in our zone conference and he is soo funny! it was neat to hear stories from him and how busy he is, does alot of work with President Monson.  There are days here when its hard to see people not listen but theres always somebody you talk to that makes it all go away and be a sweet day! i hope all the siblings are doing good. I am taking pictures its just we never know when we will be emailing, our p days are busier that normal days. lol i hope everyone is serving others around them an looking for service/ missionary work! its easy to bring the gospel up anywhere. Love you all an hope your doing great!
Elder Roberts

Also, in answer to a few questions we had - he replied:

We eat all our own meals, no members :( its kinda hard to get to know ppl when we never see them, tho). we will be in a threesome for a few more weeks till the one goes home. then a new companion will come in an my other one will be going home after I'm fully trained up so well see if i stay here in Amarillo or not. hopefully. Today we had to help a lady with a flat and our apartment doesn't have washer and dryer so it takes half the day just doing laundry at a different apartment but its suppose to change soon with that, which will be nice. We do our studies during that time while we wait. The weather is cooling off the morning but still pretty hot. Its nice though. i like it here. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

First Two Weeks in Texas

Here is Justin's letter from last week and also yesterdays.He is in AMARILLO. His "p"-Day is Monday and we are to just send letters directly to the mission home address for now. As for pictures   ... well .... we are still waiting. :)

Sept. 16th
I am finally in texas and i love it. Its eye opening to see for sure, but i know I'm suppose to be here. I have never seen so many motorbikes and nice cars :) but its more amazing to see the people change their lives. I'm in Amarillo - spanish ward and my trainers are the zone leaders. Elder Reyes and Rigley, both from utah but reyes is from argentina originally. The area we teach in is pretty worn down but the people are so happy. WE have a fair amount of lessons we teach both in spanish and english. We have 3 baptismal dates coming up which is awesome. I know that i am here for a reason and im truly happy. Its hot but its rained the last few days so that a plus. My mission president and his wife are great! we came into the field with 32 more missionaries so theres lots of work to be done here but alot of us are in trios. I would ask darren to find out some people or families here in amarillo if he knows any? we were doing door to door contacts and we have a lesson with a guy tonight that said, elder Roberts ya i remember you?? So i wasnt sure if darren talked to him or not but i will hopefully find out more tonight. His name is Tomas. Anyways we have a investigator that just got put into jail and we dont fully know the details neither does his wife or family so thats sad. Its been eye opening so much though. We helped him just a few days before re building the floor in his kitchen an things seemed fine. Its been hard for me to see more an more how people reject us so quickly, we get quite a few doors slammed on us but its been hard to just know what they are shutting out of there lives. I know more then ever that when we truly loose of ourselves in doing the Lord work things will work out in his plan, not neccesalry our plans. I hope that i answer most questions?? if not im sorry. the food here isnt really that different, but the spanish love beans, Texans in general love there mustangs and big trucks, spanish love the low riders and cadillacs lol.
Grandma Campbell, its looks like you had a great trip and im jealous of the water pictures, its all dry here.
LL the kids look soo happy and i miss them more then ever. But i know it will be a small glimpse before i am home so i will always work hard to set an example for them.

Sept. 23rd

well this week has been going great.
We teach alot of lessons so im not sure what you want to hear, Tomas is still taking the lessons as well as his nephew. He didnt remember darren but who knows. My companions are great, we all get along pretty good which makes things flow nicely in lessons. We have sacrement in english the split to do all the other meetings in spanish while the english( other missionaries) go to the other classes. hopefully things are going good back home, the shed is looking good. Darren emailed me some members and such that he was teaching an i already know some of them and will try to look up the others. Hopefully things go great with the move and such for Nysha and Dave and the kids. Now that schools started its the same old, its kinda like here. Its all pretty much the same, we meet some intresting ppl at the doors and get the doors slammed on us sometimes. But it all adds to the experience. We have a Zone Conference tomm that a general authority is coming to talk to us which will be sweet! looking forward to that. an we will be have a few elders staying at our apartments tonight so its not such a long drive tomm for them. we all meet up in Lubbock for the day. Its honestly the best choice i have made coming out here and learning soo much. We study alot but im using that time efficiently and loving that time set aside for it. Dad i dont think i will ever get your humour :) just kidding i love it. I love my family soo much. The pics i get from the nieces and nephews are too prescious. I hope that everyone is doing great and safe, I did try to load pics on this computer but it didnt work? i will try next week an use a different computer but i might just go print some off at walmart and send them home. We have a membership to a gym from our apartments lease so we wake up earlier to go work out and be done by 7 15. But its a great way to start the day. We have a minivan that we drive because we have to transport bikes, matresses, etc to other missionaries if need be. But we still bike on thursdays. Depending if i transfer from here some are mostly straight bikes. It will be fun. We do the apartment checks 2 an trasnfer ( 6 weeks) so that takes a few days driving everywhere. We are allowed to listen to talks and such so thats always an amazing experience. We have a cd case full and just get filled every time we go somewhere. Its great. I know that this church is true, and that through being humble ( ALWAYS) learning spanish lol but always trying to be guiding by the spirit in what we should do we see the blessings! We had a baptism this last saturday, shes 12 but we didnt show up the church to be confirmed, :( she has a hard life at home and no support so its hard to see the family not care one bit. Its been sad but i see the way i dont want to ever be for my kids. I also have been able to give a few blessings an get a greater love for the priesthood. I hold it close to my heart. Its an amazing experience. I hope that everyone home, ( family and friends) will always strive to stay spiritual fed. and intresting quote that we heard from a talk is  "satan dont kick no dead dogs". Think about when we are having hard days, an how things relates.
Much Love
Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Well, Justin flew to Texas yesterday , (Sept 9th) and will probably be in his first area by tomorrow. We will let you know his new address and new P-day (email day) as soon as we get it. About 20 missionaries all arrived yesterday - some from the Provo MTC and some from an MTC in Mexico! We look forward to hearing about Justin's experiences in his first area.   :)  :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Week Five

The caption that came with this picture was "Diligent District, Excellent Elders". 
These Elders are from Justin's District along with the Branch President's second counselor and his wife. 
Justin's companion is the Elder third from the right.

Here is his "generic" letter for this week:

Well this week we have been pretty busy focusing on spanish as much as we can before we leave, we got our travel plans and i have to leave the mtc at 2 30 in the morning to get to the airport an ready then fly out by 6 30! going to be a long morning anyways. We had a good devotional this last tuesday which we heard from Elder Evans from the seventy, talking about the last dispensation and the results of the age change of missionaries and such. Its pretty funny to see how many elders are here that arent 18.. not very many now.. But its fun. We had our sacrement meeting all in spanish in which every elder in our zone bore testimony in spanish it was pretty neat! Im trying to be 100 % obedient here an its harder then i thought but i know that it will help in the field.. I have been loving the mtc but the food isnt the best and im excited to get out and be in the real world again..I appreciate everything that everyone does back home for me, siblings, grandparents. friends.. I have been feeling the love, I hope that everyone knows that i love them, and that i know this gospel is true! I hope that nobody is offended if its a short letter but we dont have alot of time, 
Anyways, Much Love 
Elder Roberts 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Week Four

Here's the  "generic" letter from Justin for this week:

Things here are hard but so rewarding. This week we were able to listen to Neil L Anderson in a devotional which was pretty amazing, the power of song invites the spirit so much when starting any meeting, I am so glad to be here on a mission for my Heavenly Father, its been rewarding to see how things happen for a reason. I am soo excited to hear that the Coaldale ward is growing and that more youth are coming out on missions! The district that came in a week before us leaves this next Monday, its crazy to think. There's Elder Gillhouse from California that i have really got to know an its nice to be able to talk to somebody an the end of a long day. The days are long but weeks are short, i feel like i just wrote everybody yesterday. When i get back to the dorms from a long day its nothing better to have a letter waiting from home. If there is anything that you would like to hear in particular let me know for next time, i forgot my camera but i will try to remember for next week.. Sorry i hope everyone is doing good and i know that as we pray and read with sincere hearts our Heavenly Father will always answer, not neccesarily in our time but his time for us. Patience is key and being humble enough to listen what ever that answer is. I was able to met with my Branch President again this week and I'm impressed from him every time. President Mortenson knows alot of this gospel and i hope one day i will be like him. I hope things are good,

Love Elder Roberts

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Week Three

Well,  I asked Justin to tell us about his typical day at the M.T.C. so that's mostly what this week's letter is all about. Here it is :

The life in mtc is pretty basic. We wake up at 6 30 or 6 depending on the day and get ready for personal study which we are in our missionary clothes for, then go to breakfast. Been trying to eat lots of fruits b/c everything here makes you sick. lol.  Its alright though. We have class from 9 till 12 then 12 till 1 45 is laungage study. Our classes we break into hour sections, breaking into vocab and grammer or just practising teaching for the whole time, on average its 1 or 2 lessons daily, all in spanish. We have volunteer spanish speaking people to teach and our teachers become "investigators" so we can have a contiuing investigator. Its pretty fun though. We then go eat then straight back to the class till 5 30, doing the same thing, laungage and teaching, then usually personal study. We have dinner then depending if its a devotional or our service or gym time. For gym time we can go play soccer or beach volleyball but iv been going to the "gym" they have here.. No bars strictly dumbells and bicycles and the row machines -  but its good. We then go back to our dorms and have some personal time to write in journals for about 15-20 mins then go to bed by 10 30. It makes for a long day but were learning lots. The days are long but weeks are going fast! We were in a trio for a bit but one of the elders got transferred to the advanced spanish so im back with Elder Collins.  Hes from wyoming and wrestles and plays football. Iv learned lots from him, learning to be patient but its hard. Hes a dedicated missionary and im glad im with him rather then any one else. They are all  18 except 1, then theres me. lol  I have one teacher thats a year older than me so we get along great. Its fun and im trying to be like a big brother. This week we had our devotional from a member of the seventy, I forget his name :( my fault. but it was a good talk about being a real missionary and not just putting in my time. I have been talking with alot of teachers and just trying to really focus on the work and to not be negative about the language, it can just be frustrating but i like spanish, and its slowly coming along. I hope all is well back home , i will be picking up a SD stick for the computer so i can start sending a few pictures. Sorry for none this time tho. I love my family and the support i have. Its nice to get letters from dear elder or snail mail, email is limited and i cant reply to everyone. Sorry. I know that my Heavenly Father loves us all, its been a great learning experience so far and it ( the MTC) is only half way done..
Much Love
Elder Roberts

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week Two

Here is part of the weekly update from Elder Roberts:

" This week has been hard but a huge spiritual experience for me. Richard G Scott talked to us last night an it was exactly what i needed to hear, This morning we went to the temple which was just a huge confirmation that i know what i am doing is the right thing and i'm excited to serve. I have been really busy with the language and learning lots, most of the other elders have 2 - 4 years in school so i'm trying to catch up but i am loving it..   :P I love the opportunity to learn and grow here. Its hard to email everybody back so please don't be offended. I got a new companion so we are in a trio now. The elder is going to lubbock texas which will be nice. Hes from utah but is an awesome elder. I am slowly learning to not judge because we all come from different background but all working towards the same goal in life. I love my Family more then i realized. I look at my family picture everyday and just smile. I'm excited to see the growth in the kids when i'm back. I hope that you all back home know that i love my Heavenly Father and that i am excited to serve. I love the comfort and support i have from my family. If anyone wants to, its alot easier to just write at dearelder.com an i get it the same day. The emailing we don't have much time on the computers which is understandable. I am honored to be here as a representative of the Lord and cant wait to serve in the field."
 Much Love 
 Elder Roberts

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Week One

Well, we received our first e-mail from Justin last Wednesday, August 7th. (Which was on his MTC "P-Day" - which means ...Preparation Day - basically a day off from missionary work to do the laundry,shopping etc., write letters and enjoy some recreation)

Here is part of that first e-mail:

"Ya Ben was my host, it was pretty sweet an nice to catch up. I could see a huge change in him, the spirit really does humble us an teaches us the language quick. he will be an amazing missionary. My p days are wednesday here at the mtc. not sure about the field. ?  Things here are different but in a good way. I know that my Lord lives an i am about to embark an a huge life changing journey! You want a challenge.. figure this out in spanish :)   yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadaro, its a pretty neat language to learn. love you lots
Elder Roberts"

We also learned that:

His companion is from Lovell,  Wyoming and is on his way to Argentina.

"Its neat to see how the Lord works, I can tell that he is the companion I am suppose to be with here, i am learning to really study lots an that my time is valuable. We study the language alot an its starting to make sense to me... slowly.  Its been an interesting week for sure, but i am having fun.My district is the best. We have elders from all over an its neat to just talk an see what each other's lives were like."

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Call

Tender Mercies

Heavenly Father really does know and love each one of us. I just got a message from Ben's mom tonight and she forwarded me Ben's letter telling the following story. ... What are the chances that Ben would get to be Justin's host. Heavenly Father must have known Justin would need a little TLC when he got to the MTC!

At the Airport

Good-Bye Luncheon - July 28th


Justin entered the MTC ( Missionary Training Center - Provo, Utah) on July 30th, 2013 to prepare for his mission in Lubbock Texas.

He spoke in the Coaldale Ward on July 28th before he left. A "Good-bye" lunch was held in our yard that afternoon.