Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week Two

Here is part of the weekly update from Elder Roberts:

" This week has been hard but a huge spiritual experience for me. Richard G Scott talked to us last night an it was exactly what i needed to hear, This morning we went to the temple which was just a huge confirmation that i know what i am doing is the right thing and i'm excited to serve. I have been really busy with the language and learning lots, most of the other elders have 2 - 4 years in school so i'm trying to catch up but i am loving it..   :P I love the opportunity to learn and grow here. Its hard to email everybody back so please don't be offended. I got a new companion so we are in a trio now. The elder is going to lubbock texas which will be nice. Hes from utah but is an awesome elder. I am slowly learning to not judge because we all come from different background but all working towards the same goal in life. I love my Family more then i realized. I look at my family picture everyday and just smile. I'm excited to see the growth in the kids when i'm back. I hope that you all back home know that i love my Heavenly Father and that i am excited to serve. I love the comfort and support i have from my family. If anyone wants to, its alot easier to just write at an i get it the same day. The emailing we don't have much time on the computers which is understandable. I am honored to be here as a representative of the Lord and cant wait to serve in the field."
 Much Love 
 Elder Roberts

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