Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Week Four

Here's the  "generic" letter from Justin for this week:

Things here are hard but so rewarding. This week we were able to listen to Neil L Anderson in a devotional which was pretty amazing, the power of song invites the spirit so much when starting any meeting, I am so glad to be here on a mission for my Heavenly Father, its been rewarding to see how things happen for a reason. I am soo excited to hear that the Coaldale ward is growing and that more youth are coming out on missions! The district that came in a week before us leaves this next Monday, its crazy to think. There's Elder Gillhouse from California that i have really got to know an its nice to be able to talk to somebody an the end of a long day. The days are long but weeks are short, i feel like i just wrote everybody yesterday. When i get back to the dorms from a long day its nothing better to have a letter waiting from home. If there is anything that you would like to hear in particular let me know for next time, i forgot my camera but i will try to remember for next week.. Sorry i hope everyone is doing good and i know that as we pray and read with sincere hearts our Heavenly Father will always answer, not neccesarily in our time but his time for us. Patience is key and being humble enough to listen what ever that answer is. I was able to met with my Branch President again this week and I'm impressed from him every time. President Mortenson knows alot of this gospel and i hope one day i will be like him. I hope things are good,

Love Elder Roberts

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