Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Week Three

Well,  I asked Justin to tell us about his typical day at the M.T.C. so that's mostly what this week's letter is all about. Here it is :

The life in mtc is pretty basic. We wake up at 6 30 or 6 depending on the day and get ready for personal study which we are in our missionary clothes for, then go to breakfast. Been trying to eat lots of fruits b/c everything here makes you sick. lol.  Its alright though. We have class from 9 till 12 then 12 till 1 45 is laungage study. Our classes we break into hour sections, breaking into vocab and grammer or just practising teaching for the whole time, on average its 1 or 2 lessons daily, all in spanish. We have volunteer spanish speaking people to teach and our teachers become "investigators" so we can have a contiuing investigator. Its pretty fun though. We then go eat then straight back to the class till 5 30, doing the same thing, laungage and teaching, then usually personal study. We have dinner then depending if its a devotional or our service or gym time. For gym time we can go play soccer or beach volleyball but iv been going to the "gym" they have here.. No bars strictly dumbells and bicycles and the row machines -  but its good. We then go back to our dorms and have some personal time to write in journals for about 15-20 mins then go to bed by 10 30. It makes for a long day but were learning lots. The days are long but weeks are going fast! We were in a trio for a bit but one of the elders got transferred to the advanced spanish so im back with Elder Collins.  Hes from wyoming and wrestles and plays football. Iv learned lots from him, learning to be patient but its hard. Hes a dedicated missionary and im glad im with him rather then any one else. They are all  18 except 1, then theres me. lol  I have one teacher thats a year older than me so we get along great. Its fun and im trying to be like a big brother. This week we had our devotional from a member of the seventy, I forget his name :( my fault. but it was a good talk about being a real missionary and not just putting in my time. I have been talking with alot of teachers and just trying to really focus on the work and to not be negative about the language, it can just be frustrating but i like spanish, and its slowly coming along. I hope all is well back home , i will be picking up a SD stick for the computer so i can start sending a few pictures. Sorry for none this time tho. I love my family and the support i have. Its nice to get letters from dear elder or snail mail, email is limited and i cant reply to everyone. Sorry. I know that my Heavenly Father loves us all, its been a great learning experience so far and it ( the MTC) is only half way done..
Much Love
Elder Roberts

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