Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tender Mercies

Heavenly Father really does know and love each one of us. I just got a message from Ben's mom tonight and she forwarded me Ben's letter telling the following story. ... What are the chances that Ben would get to be Justin's host. Heavenly Father must have known Justin would need a little TLC when he got to the MTC!

Here is the quote from Ben's letter:
This week has been good! I got to host Justin Roberts when he got here on
wednesday! Now, that probably means nothing to you, but let me describe how
this worked, and the miracle that it was. First of all there is over 100
districts in the MTC and ours was chosen to host new missionaries. Next,
all the hosts are in a classroom and the director splits the group down the
middle, one group goes and hosts at 12, and the other group at 12:30. So
the next step is he takes the group I was in (which he just split), and
splits us up again into three different groups. Two of the groups are
chosen to host "early arrival missionaries" (I had no idea when Justin got
here) So I got assigned to an early arrival classroom, and there is 10+
full classrooms of early arrivals. So us hosts are standing in a line and
the early arrivals come out of the classroom and we say hello I'm your host
and off we go. Well I am just standing there waiting for my missionary, and
out walks Justin Roberts! It was amazing! We hugged and talked and I showed
him around and it was just so cool. Seriously the chances of that happening
were so so so so so slim.

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