Monday, 2 December 2013

December 2, 2013

This week has been busy as always!  We had our district meeting on tuesday, then right afterwards had to rip down to Lubbock to get stuff for another apartment up here. The last week of transfers are when we do apartment checks so we did those all day Wednesday, lots of miles on the road so i just read. I bought a mini militiary book of mormon so i can take it with me everywhere. On thanksgiving we can't proselyte so  we played basketball all day an then had dinner with the bishops family here! amazing family, they have a son on a mission in Argentina so they love helping the missionaries here as much as possible. Their house flooded while they were on vacation so they have been living in a hotel for the last 4 months while fixing their house,  an out of it we have been teaching some people that he talked with while at the hotel, an amazing lesson learned for them, an see how things have worked out. Funny thing with the dinner, they had an extra glass where we could put as many m n m's in ( obviously all the missionaries fill it right up)  but after the dinner we had to take each one an say something we were grateful for. We had lots of m an ms so it was really good to contemplate what I'm gratetful for. It's been extremely hard being out here some days but it all works out.  Yes i will be getting transferred this week to Kermit ?  Its close to Midland but not sure my companion yet so i will just let you know next week with more info about him. I'm sure i need to be there an will learn the things i need to for this transfer. AS far as i know tho its just one companion. I'm pretty sure we can do skype for Christmas, not sure how we setup the time or what yet but i will let you know for sure when i find out. I hope it all works out, if not phone call is just fine too. This week has been kinda hard because the only time i find myself truly happy is when we're teaching. When we are babysitting/ getting all the other stuff done its hard to just stay focused on the work. I have really tried to love our investigators an my companions. Their immaturity shows when we're at home or whenever outside of lessons but im learning. I hope everyone is doing great, I miss you all
Much Love
ELder ROberts

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