Monday, 23 December 2013

December 23, 2013

 ITs been a busy week as always which makes the time FLY! We cover a little town called Wink about 8 miles away so we started going out there once a week to find more people an build our teaching pool. A few potentials out there for next week to visit.  We had a busy day of knocking Wednesday this week an always trying to stay busy here with finding an teaching. Its hard when people work lots but its a work in art for sure. We had our Christmas Party on thursday where i got the packages from everyone, yet havent opened them till the day of like i promised! hard not to though but i want to save the suprise still.. Last week we had the primary presentation an since having soo many neices an nephews  kids hold a special place in my heart so it made me melt last week, an then this week was the Christmas Program an some amazing singers in the branch that are hidden talent! not sure who all knows but before i left i went to a play with a friend Kevin i worked for an found I really enjoy music an singing/ theater. So this sunday was yet another amazing day, then priesthood never dissapoints. We have alot of young families here an the men are amazing. I love the classes with them, always a great learning experience for me. At our Christmas party we had lunch all together an did a skit with groups of misisonaries, but the afternoon was President Augustin  in a devotional about Deity, an how the people in the wards/ Church arent usuallly showing the respect or giving it thought as much as they should. It wasnt a " throwdown" but just helped us really think about our calling especially at this time of year, Yes its hard being away from home but its also amazing to see as i serve others the joy is still there an i know all is well with you all! I can tell things are ment to be for a reason with timing an everything, we teach a lady named Robin, her husband is in the military an she has a little baby but at first her parents joined the church, ( she lives with them) yet the sisters kind of pressured her an so she stopped talking with them an going to church, but we have been able to met with her this last week, an gained her trust to discuss the gospel again. Hopefully this week it will go well again. I will include a picture of the landscape that is everywhere that isnt in town... Either brush or pump jacks.. But that's about all we see.. lol I will also include a picture with Elder Porter who i came out with from the MTC ( nice to see him at the Christmas Party). Another is more christmas lights then any other house here... stands out alot!   It rained alot this last friday but luckly we had planning so we weren't outside as long, so didn't get tooo soaked.. I am having a great time in the little town of Kermit. I look forward to hearing from you all. I miss you all lots but stay strong when we see the bigger picture. 
Much love
Elder ROberts

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