Monday, 16 December 2013

December 16, 2013

Its been a really busy week but every week is. We met two young guys
living together this week, one 17 an one 18. The 18 yr old moved from Idaho for
work 6 months ago an his grandma is a member but doesnt know
much about the church an the other was kicked out of the house at 13
an has had a hard life but really good questions. Its hard to meet
with them since they both work lots but pretty amazing young guys. We
Also met a man this week that was in the Marines for a while an just
shares stories so its hard to teach but hes funny. We try to met with
him when we can since he drives truck but still wants to learn more.
Its been quite the week with the people here though, On wednesday we
knocked for 5 hours an only talked with 6 people :( an few others that
just slam the door, so I'm literally walking the shoes off my feet. I
will be going to a Christmas party this week in Midland so i will be
able to go shopping quick to get another pair. Theres little "goatheads" -
is what they call them but they stick in you shoes an pants
an they tear up the tread pretty good but its been fun walking, had a
few crazy moments with dogs too. Lots of them just run around here,
mostly all nice but some that i would never want to see again an yet
we run into them in alleys lol.  As me and elder Wolfley were talking
turns out we both have the same birthday!! So hopefully were together
still, few transfers away but its possible! We'll see, but we were able
to do some service this Saturday an be around some less actives that
struggle to pay tithing :( Its hard to see because they don't
understand that things will only work out more if they pay it. But we
continue to work with them We did yard work with them since nobody
here really has a " yard" like back home.. Mostly dirt with branches
an tumbleweeds everywhere. But it was a nice change to put normal
clothes on.. I will attach a few pictures, hopefully they worked last
week? But mostly the rides we see people with ,and the progress of my
leather case so far, and then a cricket, and a knife that we saw at
somebodies door!   I hope that all is well
back home, I have been enjoying the  " winter" here with the sun,
suppose to be 70 this week lol but i Hope all is well, i look forward
to talking at Christmas, but lets truly all help
others at this time of the year an find ways to do service!
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

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