Monday, 9 December 2013

December 9th , 2013

First off , im in Kermit Texas, Google earth it ... lol . Its about 5000 people and all oilfield people. But its been great here, We are the second set of missionaries here, Elder Wolfley opened the area with his trainer an has been here since, so we are really trying to just get the teaching " pool" bigger and do alot of door knocking to find people. Its been great though. On Thursday, it was freezing here, this whole week has been, but president called us just to say hi an that he was proud of us. It was really nice to get an up lifting call from him at that time. We have small branch in Monahan ( 20 miles away) so we go out there for church an correlation. We live in a little shack, no joke . As missionaries there is no room for contention,  Its a 18 ft by 15 ft shack that has bunkbeds an a little kitchen an bath, no doors except the main one..  It's really fun tho, Elder Wolfley went to the Mexico MTC but we came out together so were learning from each other soo much an really having fun. Lots of loose dogs running around here so its an adventure, an alot of redneck people, see the picture lol . The town doesn't have a Walmart or anywhere to print pictures soo well see this week. But on a Spiritual note, the Christmas Devotional was amazing, an i really enjoyed Russell M Nelsons part with the little kids when they were singing, i would love to be in his shoes there. The branch here is small but have alot of kids an its the Primary Presentation this week so i cant wait for that, We are also doing a chili cook off for a Branch Get together. People here know how to cook though, we had dinner with a family here for a birthday of a less active an had some amazing steak! If any one has questions let me know, its hard to know just  what to write all the time, but i hope that at this time we all remember the true reason for the season an how blessed we are with this gospel in our lives.
I Love you all
Elder Roberts

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