Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December 30th, 2013

Here’s a quote to start off the week,  “No one can choose your mountain or tell you when to climb, It’s yours alone to challenge at your own pace an time.” - unknown    I just thought about how I came out a little later an how this applied in my life an how everyone has different challenges to face in life.. But anyways… this week I talked on the phone with ya’ll an things are great!  I didn’t know really what to write today till I met Roy Dempsey, he’s maybe 60 an retired living in a little shack like us but was a mechanic, body man, did construction, all sorts of stuff but he drives a 50s dodge (originally his fathers) an now its lifted on 37 inch tires. lol He’s a sweet guy, has a nice garage next to his house an just restores cars here for people. But a few others things we did, a couple in the Monahans branch that we go to… the Darlings, they’re 70s maybe, he used to teach science, he gave us some pretty neat rocks an things, ill prob send home since we can’t haul everything around with us.  As for any crazy animals here, we have a less active family that keeps everything! they have a duck, horn toad, fish outside in a little tub thing, we see some lizards in there yard an in the shed we saw a pretty big Black widow. But alot of coyotes around at night when were driving back an forth to Monahans. We have a older spanish lady thats less active but loves cooking tomales for us! an they’re hot... Shes pretty fun though, her grandson lives with her an he has 2 daugthers an his gf doesn’t work but we started teaching him.. Not sure how interested he is but we’ll keep trying to work with him.  Our branch had a great 3rd hr  since its together on the the 5th Sunday - about untiy together an what needs to change to have better start to the year. It was pretty neat an how it applies as missionaries with companions an such.. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I sure did. Best of luck in the new year
Elder Roberts

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