Monday, 25 November 2013

November 25, 2013

This week has been full of ups an downs for sure! We have been focusing on finding more and I've been getting flats all week while on the bike, but people drive by all the time an yell stuff at us, its not always the best thing to hear. But on a good note we have been able to meet up with an older investigator that  we hadn't been meeting with. she decided that the only way to feel the spirit was to read so shes read to mosiah 25!! it was a really neat experience to meet with her again, -- the sweetest lady ever. WE also had another investigator come to church as well as another brother who has a baptism date, its neat to see the excitement grow within there family. We have still been meeting with O&O. They are the funniest couple, first they want  to get married an then this week he broke down an was drinking an shes wanting him out of the house again, its soo hard to teach an we just keep trying to get them to pray so that they can figure it our for themselves. Its a wierd situation, hes illegally here so they cant get married as easy but hard to keep teaching when they cant make up there mind. We had a ward dinner this week which was nice, but before we were stopping by people to invite them to it, We have been trying to meet with a family that is less active an they have 3 daugthers, 12 9 an 3. The most amazing little girls ever, but the mom was on the couch on her phone, an the 12 year old wants to be baptized but her mom looked at us an said shes sick so the daughter just looked at us soo devestated! her parents are holding her back. IT was heartbreaking to see her so sad. I couldn't stop thinking about it all night.  I have been really trying to just rely on my Heavenly Father more then ever while out here. 
Days are gettting colder with snow this week, church was just sacrament then we had to stay in for the rest of the day :( so we had our studies an then read lots an played games together. One scripture i have been thinking alot about is  alma 5:6  how we can all be thankful for our grandparents or parents an how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives because of them! its a time of thanksgiving down here an this week we have a dinner with the bishop. Should be a good day.
I find out this saturday where i get transferred since im done training now! so next week i will let you know. Much love
ELder Roberts

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