Monday, 4 November 2013

November 4, 2013

This week has been busy as always. WE have been focusing on less actives more this week but as it was Halloween we had to be in at 6 so we all went to the gym an played basketball. I have been working on a new scripture case, so i did that instead.  Tomas was baptized :) I helped with that as well as the confirmation. Probably one of the most humble men i have met so far out here! I am honored to help him learn more of the gospel. I have been really focusing on reading the book of mormon, i finished it again an started to read it again an focus on different things each time i read it, we as missionaries can get the mililtary size book so i have it with me always. Constantly learning new things. The zone leaders had training so i went with a set of missionaries that are a bike area because i knew they worked hard, we rode out to a area 10 miles out ( 1 hr) ride an went knocking an such out there ( Bushland is the name of the area)  IT was a really good day, i wasnt even that tired because we were so positive about it. They ride it once a week too. Hopefully this week i might be going with them again. With my new companions ( Elder Droubay from Tooele Utah and Elder Dunkle from Blackfoot Idaho) we have been focusing on really getting the spanish people motivated an having a whole new look on the work. We talk with literally everyone an we are seeing the work progress. Some new families being taught an really prepared. The work with never stop. It's not our will but as we give it our all we see the Lords hand in our work everyday! We had dinner with the Medinas yesterday an he has a photo album of every missionary that comes over an takes a picture of there shoes with the name tag. Guess whos name we found! Elder Roberts lol it was pretty neat, he also sent them a little note for christmas that they kept. Its soo neat to talk with them. They were both catholics an big in this area cuz they owned a radio station but when they were taught the lessons an converted alot of people didnt like them. But very humble people, gave us a referral, a person from mexico that just moved here an has lots of potential. I hope nobody worries about me here, as i forget about myself i really am starting to love the work more an more an grow closer to my Saviour. I hope that everything it going well back home.
Much Love
Elder Roberts

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