Monday, 18 November 2013

November 18, 2013

Its been an amazing week! We Have been busy with District meetings an traveling around to do those but the best part was Thursday morning we got to attend the Lubbock Temple. It was an amazing experience like always. It really helped with the last few weeks, we seem to visit alot of less actives, but dont always see "success" but we dont look at it that way. We mostly eat with the less actives rather then any members. Not many members since its stricly spanish but its slowly growing. This last week we had our investigators come to church again an have been talking to them about getting married,  He orignially was drinking 4 to 5 times a day! An she hated it an was wanted to kick him out an now after 2 weeks of meeting with them hes quit drinking an they dont fight anymore an they both know how its all happening. Truly a blessing!! ITs been amazing just to see them change. They are our most progressing right now, the spanish culture is hard here, they are all about family which is good, but they dont go to church . Tons of parties or wedding or whatever that we cant always get ahold of them. We tried visiting some investigators an a cousin answered an thought we were with immigration or police an kinda freaked him out. IT was funny. We decided to go ridiing bikes more this week an on saturday we went for two hours an the windiest day yet here in texas for me at least! it was crazy though, we went to a new area ( our area is the whole town) an it was straight asia town. We didnt talk spanish once lol so it was kinda hard but trying to find the spanish you can usually tell by the car or the fancy gates in the yard. Its pretty fun on bikes. I was able to talk with one of Darren's old investigators on the phone, . She was soo happy to hear from me, i havent met her yet but i am mostly likely getting transferred in 2 weeks so i am hoping to met her before then. I will be done training in two weeks.! crazy how fast time goes. I hope everyone is doing good back home, seems like alot of happening.Thanks for everything you all do.

Thanks again  Much Love
Elder Roberts

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