Thursday, 14 November 2013

November 11th, 2013

This week has been busy as always but really fun! finally went to a real Spanish fiesta. It was for one of our investigators daughters who is 3, but there was around 150 people with music an LOTs of food! They know how to have fun, it was sweet to just practise Spanish an talk with all sorts of people there about the church an why we were there. lol  We also had dinner with the Medinas this Sunday an they had some people over from mexico that hes helping translate for them, ( his job)  We were able to teach them after dinner about families an have a return appointment. The spirit was really strong there . Such an amazing time meeting them an talking. It's been a busy week with our investigators, since we are the only Spanish missionaries now, and have new english elders, they give us referrals alot so we have been able to visit alot more people. The biggest thing is even when they know its the true church, sometimes they don't come to church as much or follow the commandments an just go in active, so we visit alot of less actives but they just work lots on sunday an dont want to change. Its soo sad to see. We have been having fun as a trio but it can also be difficult, i am tryin to really just be obedient even if other missionaries aren't all the time. Its an interesting experience being out here but i know more an more about what i want with my life an how to get it. I have really started to see my self worth again. It had been lost for quite some time when i wasn't doing the things i know i needed to. I love this gospel an hope that everyone back home is doing their best to fufill their callings. We don't always know what the plan is of our Father, but we as we submit to his will we learn an grow closer to him than ever before.
I love you all
Elder Robert

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