Monday, 28 October 2013

October 28th

It's been another crazy week, we had all the transfers happen tuesday and wedsneday so there was 8 missionaries at our place for the night, an had to get ready for 6 30 so we were up pretty early. With transfers means apartment checks so we spend a fair amount of time on the road listening to confrence talks, always nice. I read alot in the book of mormon that day to say the least lol. I am again in a trio with the zone leaders, Elder Droubay, and Elder Dunkle. Droubay from Utah an Dunkle from Blackfoot Idaho. Both solid an were now only spanish as our english area got taken over by new missionaries here so our ward has 8 missionaries total! its busy. 3 sisters, us as spanish and the two new for english. Its been hard cuz theyre on bikes and the area is far, so we have had to drive them around at first, didnt know anything about the area here. Things are better now, we had to split our area book with them an going through all the paper work we found an Elder Roberts from 2006. Small world - lol . He was with an Elder Gurney and Wouden??  I was given some scrap leather so who can guess what im doing with that?? New scripture case today! Hopefully can do it all or it will wait till next p day.  I wasnt able to send pictures home last week becuase we had to send Rigley off. ( done his mission) so we had to get his stuff done, i will print them today and send them off though. I hope you will enjoy them an dont mind the wait. I hope things are going good back home. Church this week was the Primary Presentation an id say its prob my favorite week of the year. They plainly testify of Truth! Its really amazing, an with everything still going on here we have been able to find a few new families who are looking really solid, loving the lessons an hopefully setting baptism dates this week with them. Im not sure what else to say, its been busy but i try and write down the big points of the week for you all! I miss you all, but wouldnt be near as happy there as I am right now with the decisions i have made to come here, its been amazing an i learn something everyday! always continue to learn! I love it. I Hope to hear from you all soon, much love
Elder Roberts

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