Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th

 First off, It was a BUSY WEEK! from a baptism this last saturday,  a single mom who is really strong though, I was able to do the confirmation into the church which was a great experience for me as well! Her whole family at first didnt like us, she lives at home. But the family came to her baptism and now the mom has agreed to listen to us :) AWESOME.  We have another baptism this weekend with a lady in her 60s who takes care of her 4 yr grand son! a crazy kid but she is amazing! wiill help with the spanish ward for sure! Another guy we have been teaching came to church again ( in the wheechair) an hes starting to like it more. We got called to go give a blessing to a lady that was told she has a tumor an only 3 months to live but shes in her 80s an was the sweetest lady ever, she said she didnt believe them an wants to try for a year at least! She has a good friend in the church an her names been at the temple lately!  A #  of things from conference, that i thought was an intresting qoute is that to stay out of this world we need to focus on family , church, an temple work.!  always keep those in perspective. Another thing was that theres 2 things ppl are afraid about missionary work,    The fear of being rejected , and not knowing exactly what missionary work is. Open your mouths with everyone back home. an pray for the oppurtunities to talk to peopl!.   We tract almost everyday an you can tell almost right away when people have been prepared an are just waiting! I love my family, i got lettters this week sent from ll an max while in the states, which was a nice suprise, also i appreciate the conversion stories! I love to hear more of the background of my family ! I love you all and know that this church is true! I see the blessings already and try to really be better every day! I Hope to hear from you all soon, miss ya lots
Elder Roberts

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