Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October 7th

Here is Justin's letter from this week:

Sorry theres lots of emails so its hard to talk to everyone seperately, This week has been great with general conference! It truly was amazing as a missionary to hear the words spoken, not sure if i have a favorite because they are all that great! I hope we can all take the words and apply them into our lives better, Im glad to hear soo much is going on back home and things are good. Its amazing to see that with in two months my room has already changed :P but its ok. Im glad the shed and garage are coming along, i met a older man this weekend that had 5 oldsmobiles in his garage and we just talked and was the raddest guy ever, he was willing to listen so well see how that goes but i loved the cars, really neat to be able to see the work he puts into them. Its hard to see how times goes soo quickly, its been a fast two months yet really long at the same time, i do have hard days where i get frustrated pretty easily with little things so im trying to be more humble, the spanish is hard because we still speak alot of english but slowly its coming. I went on two different exchanges with other missionaries and its soo much fun riding bikes, we get called some funny things but its all part of the experience. I would suggest that maybe more snail mail then emails as i can write back to those, i did send a few out this last week so im not sure when that we will get there but i will try to send more. I hope that every one can understand. Its been alot of fun though this last week and we are really trying to work hard. I love this church an try to always do whats right. I am still taking pictures but will have to maybe send them through the mail instead of on here?? who knows. I hope everyone is doing good! I love you all
Elder Roberts
P.S. Do missionary work within the wards, its amazing to see the times changing! it truly is hasting the work ..alot..

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