Monday, 10 March 2014

March 10th, 2014

Serving in Abilene
Mmmm, mmmm ... nothing like some home-cooked SQUIRREL !

The pictures above are with his previous companion, Elder Yorgeson. He is still in Abilene, but now serving with Elder Oler, from Calgary. Below is today's brief letter :)

Nothing too much happened this week! we did a ton of finding! Thursday  we mapped it out an did over 12 miles! an pretty much have to find everyday since most of the people we have been trying to teach just cant keep commitments! :( Its hard, but this week we have been struggling to find more spanish to teach. When the weather is gross outside no body is outside or will listen at the door since its too cold that day. lol Its funny to me since its still nice for us canadian elders. But we have been learning patience lots an have been trying to be 100% obedient an the blessing will come! I have been having a good week an hope all is going well back home too. It seems like things are. I hope an pray for everyones safety.
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

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