Monday, 31 March 2014

March 31, 2014 "Hit 'n Run"

Lots has happened this week! We had exchanges on Tuesday so I went out to Snyder for a day with Elder NeSmith from Florida, that was a nice change of scenery an talking with other missionaries is always nice. Its been really busy this week though with things happening. Our jeep got hit while we were in a lesson an they didn't leave any info so we're dealing with that this weekend too. It happened Saturday so we're still doing paperwork with police an the mission office an such. While on exchanges I forgot my helmet so on bike day we walked all day as well as Saturday all day. It was pretty long days since its been getting warmer out. It was nice though, we had a guy stop in the middle of a road ( held up traffic) just to say that he appreciates what we do an that its nice to see younger guys doing whats right. It was nice to hear some positivety rather then negative from most people. We had a dinner with a member family whose son is on a mission right now an they are both retired from the air force! I loved meeting with them an getting to know them more, some neat conversion stories for sure and it helped me remember how the Lord works through others to answer our prayers. It seems like we never get direct answers on the spot but always get answers! This week being conference we should be able to go with questions in mind expecting answers. Im excited to listen to our Prophet an Leaders of the church this coming week! I hope everyone can take the time - You will be blessed. We have been working with some less actives this week an really getting them to open up with us an they have been starting to come around. Didnt come to church this week but have been reading more an starting to see things again. Sometimes that all they need is a phone call or just stopping in to say hi. I hope that everyone back home is doing good! It seems like time is going faster an faster. When we learn to serve others we can accomplish soo much more an forget about our worries. I love being a missionary an learning soo much about myself an what is required of us from our Heavenly Father. I hope that we all have a great week an try to help others around us come closer to our Saviour this week! 
Much love from Texas
Elder Roberts

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