Thursday, 6 March 2014

March 3, 2014

Things in Abilene have been slow but still working hard. ITs been fun serving with a fellow canuck! We just get each others jokes an have fun. We have been doing alot of finding but we see that all people have agency, its the hardest thing as a missionary to allow them to choose, we have to allow them to see the difference which is hard since there is soo many different churches here everybody just says " Its all the same an working towards the same goal" but they just don't hear you out. Elder Oler has been out one more transfer than me so were learning spanish together. But its going good. We had Stake Conference this week which was really good, enjoy hearing from the leaders. I look forward to General Conference now more then ever. I actually did something this week which was a once in a life time thing. And it was CRAZY! I ate a GHOST PEPPER!! the second hottest pepper in the world. An it was HOT. lol Nothing else too crazy this week, been trying to work hard an keep focused. I love my family an friends, i hope that everyone is doing well.. Elder Roberts

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