Monday, 24 February 2014

Still in Abilene

Here is picture of Justin to go with this week's letter - don't know what type of store or business it is ( he didn't say), but obviously the name caught his eye - lol ... :)

Somewhere in Abilene ...

Unfortunatley not a whole lots happened this week. :(  i will be staying in Abilene for another transfer. Elder Oler is from Calgary! i will be picking him up from the transfer site this wednesday so thats  exctiing. i have met him once before at the christmas party. But it will be neat i think.  The hardest part of this week is actually the fact that when we go finding in the streets people literally run from us inside until we pass an then they just sit on there porch. We have people yet they get away, or just become not interested. Its an intresting town.  Our branch some weeks is big an then the next is tiny. This week we didnt have very many members show up :( Its neat to see though that those who served missions an learned spanish are the ones running the whole branch. Sounds like a lot has been going on back home with everyone. Im excited for Nysha an Dave. Im sure that will be a relief to get moved.  One exciting thing that will happen tonight is that our branch mission leader is awesome man, but hes going to cook up some squirrel for us! Im excited to try that. lol Its been a long transfer but i know that our Heavenly Father has people here ready for the gospel. Its our privelage to find an teach them. I love being a missionary, its extremely hard at times but so worth it as well. I love everyone back home.  Love from Texas
Elder Roberts

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