Monday, 17 February 2014

February 17, 2014

Because of the weather here this last week we had our Zone Training Wed. since the roads were straight ice all day Tuesday an so we decided to park the car an walk everywhere. It's been better later in the week though. Our training was great! We have those leaving this transfer bear testimony, I always love that part!! They see the change in themselves. Every thursday is bike day so we were riding lots. I actually got spit on while riding :( Wasn't too impressed but kept my cool an just kept going then pulled over after i turned the corner to clean up.. We have been struggling to find people to teach. Since the weather isn't the best most people stay inside. It's alot different then a small city like I'm use to. We had a dinner appointment with the Juarez family here an while sitting I got pooped on 3 times from a bird. :( shoulder, tie and pants. :( What a week it has been to test my patience but i know I'm not the only one who had to face trials like this. I try to think anything like this i go through is only a glimpse of what Christ himself went through for me. Our branch started doing primary for the spanish children which is exciting. Hopefully it will allow the kids to feel more loved, the future is in their hands. We had a great priesthood class about the families an how much of an attack satan has made the last 50 years since ultimately that's what it's all about here! -Learning to be an eternal family. One quote i got from it was "what makes a boy become a man? A man finishes what he starts." I relate this to anyone who knows i loved wrestling! My senior year i had the chance to wrestle for 3rd place in provincials. In the match before i hurt my knee an it was still bugging me when i decided to not wrestle my last match. I wish i had finished what i started. I choose to come on the mission an its where i know i will learn the experiences neccesary to become more of the man i need to be in the future. I hope that this week has been still okay for everyone back home. I know our Heavenly Father doesn't give us a trial that we can't handle. I have been learning that slowly but surely. I pray that we are comforted and strengthened while we are away from loved ones - that through this gospel we can find the peace that we need to continue on when things get tough. I hope the Lonsdales family can find peace while in this time of life. I love my family an friends more then anyone can know. I have noticed that grow more since being out then anything else. I love this gospel an the things we can learn in life. My prayers are that we can always put Heavenly Father first an trust in him. Elder Roberts

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