Monday, 3 February 2014

Jan. 27, 2014 Letter

So i have officially been in Abilene a week now serving with Elder Yorgesen. Hes from Mattawa Washington. We have both been out 6 months an we're in a Spanish branch together. Its been an intresting few weeks but seems to still been going good. We did the Sacrement meeting yesterday all in spanish an translate every week. We have a few solid members one of which is in the FBI. That's pretty sweet, Its alot different in a big city now, we live an apartment where there's a few other missionaries living too so its nice to see other elders every once an while. The work here is a little different than Kermit. But its been a big change, just trying to find lots to get a bigger Spanish teaching pool. I hope that things are going well back home -Seems like everyone is doing good. We had a zone conference this last week, which was really good. Its a nice spiritual uplift every other month. We also had a baptism with an older couple from Costa Rica; he was in the military but now has Alzihiemers? ( i cant spell) but an amazing couple. It was fun to be apart of that an now start teaching the new member lessons. Nothing else too crazy this week, if anyone has questions let me know. thanks
love yall

Elder Roberts

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