Monday, 3 February 2014

February 3, 2014 Letter

I have been pretty busy this week with Exchanges with our district leader an having a district meeting. It's been a neat experience in a bigger city now but also has different challenges. We have been trying to really work with the Spanish Branch about getting members to come teach with us, its the way converts will stay active if those in the branch ( ward) stay out. Church was cancelled this week actually since we got a little bit of snow., its funny to see how people dont know what to do in snow. I hit my six month mark. Its crazy how fast time flies out here. We have been able to visit alot of former investigators an see some success with them, sometimes all it takes is time to evaluate life. We have a couple that were recently baptized, that are solid people. They remind me soo much of grandpa an grandma Roberts, we have been teaching them about genelogy work, an temples an they're excited to get to work. I hope that things are good with everyone back home, much love from Texas.
I have been trying to stay busy an keep working hard.
love yall

Elder Roberts

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