Monday, 10 February 2014

February 10, 2014

Its been a crazy week! WE had district meeting this week, and afterwards went out to eat (all of us missionaries). It was a little homie shack that was nice to eat some real home cooked food again. (lol) But the zone leaders had training so there trainee came with us for the day an we had some fun, he's learning spanish too so it was a good day of learning. We have been having some pretty crazy weather here latetly, Its been snowing lots, then sunny and nice then back to snow :( just like home (lol) But sounds like a lot has been happening with everyone back home. My prayers are for you all back home, especially Lonsdales. I have found alot of peace in the plan of Salvation. We had to give a talk at church this week in spanish, that was an interesting time for me, but it went okay. We taught priesthood on the plan of salvation, It was an amazing lesson and I love knowing that we will all be together eternally. I have been trying to be diligent in the work here and it has been picking up. We are teaching more and more people now. Its a learning experience when you first don't really like your comp but then afterwards learn to love him. We have such different backgrounds but I am learning to just show charity the best I can. I have been loving the branch we are in right now. I got the packages of goodies this week :) thank you. I have been giving some of the snacks away. Its humbling here even to see some families still live with only the basics. I am excited to be serving a mission and to be able to continue the work of the Lord. It won't stop now. That's great that our stake back home is growing fast in missionaries leaving.( almost double since a year ago) It's amazing to see. I know this church is true. Its been a huge challenge and learning experience thus far and I continue to learn lots. I know why i came out here; to change peoples lives, just like this gospel changed mine. I know the things i teach are true, I have been seeing this last week more an more how our lessons are better when I'm focused an not worried or thinking about myself. I love you all Elder Roberts

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